Marzetti Packaging Transition

Marzetti is excited to announce we are transitioning from our iconic glass jars to plastic jars. This decision was made with our customers, employees, and the planet in mind.


By switching to plastic jars we:

  • Ensure a more consistent supply of the jars so you never go without your favorite dressings.
  • Provide a safer experience for our employees making the dressing, and a safer experience for you, our consumers, by eliminating the risk posed by broken glass.
    • Provide a more environmentally friendly packaging solution.*  Compared to glass, plastic jars offer a range of benefits that include:
      1. Easier and more efficient recycling.  Plastic is recycled at twice the rate of glass.  And, with our new jar, there is no need to remove that cap and label prior to recycling.  The entire package is fully recyclable.
      2. Reduced packaging weight.  Compared to glass, using plastic reduces the weight of our packaging by 9 million pounds annually
      3. Reduced greenhouse footprint associated with packaging.  Compared to glass, plastic reduces fossil fuel usage by 14% and greenhouse gas emissions by 45%.


Most importantly, this transition maintains the same amount of dressing per jar and the same high quality and taste you expect from Marzetti.


If you have any questions, please contact us here:


* Note:  Environmental benefits per assessment completed by TRAYAK’s COMPASS EcoImpact Package Compare Report


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